English as a Second Language (ESL Courses) – 10 Levels

(All courses are 40 hours weekly except as noted)

ESL 1 (click for details)

This is an introductory course for students with little or no proficiency in the English language. The course covers the alphabet, numbers, pronouns, and basic vocabulary.

ESL 2 (click for details)

This course is for students that have some knowledge of English. It expands basic vocabulary, introduces the present continuous tense, and covers nouns, articles, adjectives, and prepositions.

ESL 3 (click for details)

This course covers the past, present, and future tenses, regular and irregular verbs, and continues analyzing the functions of pronouns, prepositions, nouns and other part of speech.

ESL 4 (click for details)

This course introduces the student to reflexive pronouns, adverbs, conditional clauses, and other complex parts of speech.

ESL 5 (click for details)

Basic verbs are reviewed and the past perfect is introduced. Gerunds and possessive pronouns are covered.

ESL 6 (click for details)

In this course, the student learns to write simple compositions. Also covered are the passive voice and the past continuous tense.

ESL 7 (click for details)

This course continues emphasizing writing skills. The conditional mood is introduced. Material learned in previous levels is reviewed.

ESL 8 (click for details)

This advanced course concentrates on improving speaking, reading and writing skills. Short passages are read and discussed to test comprehension.

ESL 9 (click for details)

In this advanced course, idiomatic expressions are introduced. Students learn to write more complex compositions and to tell stories.

ESL 10 (click for details)

This course continues emphasizing conversation, reading and writing skills at a more advanced level.

Advanced English – 2 Levels

English Language Advanced I: This course is designed to continue building writing and oral fluency in English at a more advanced level. Successful completion of this course is the equivalent of a pre-college prep program.

English Language Advanced II: This course is designed to continue building writing and oral fluency in English at an advanced level. Students successfully completing this course will be ready to advance to beginning college level courses.

Conversational English – 3 Levels

(All courses are 20 hours weekly)

These three courses in English Conversation are designed to enable students to practice and become familiar with American style speech as spoken in everyday life situations. Students will also have the opportunity to practice using common American Idioms and expressions used in daily conversation. Conversational situations will revolve around themes of the American work place, family life, and social customs.

Students must have completed prerequisite levels as specified below.

Conversation 1: (Prerequisite: ESL Level 2)

Conversation 2: (Prerequisite: ESL Level 5)

Conversation 3: (Prerequisite: ESL Level 7)

American English Pronunciation & Idioms – 3 Levels

Pronunciation Intermediate (click for details)

An intermediate North American English Pronunciation course designed to assist the non-native speaker to acquire more fluent and accurate speech. The vowels, consonants, rhythm, and intonation are taught using the principles of articulation of phonics. Learning units features practice in syllabication and stress patterns using auditory, listening and oral reading dialogues and presentations. (Prerequisite: ESL Level 4)

Pronunciation Advanced (click for details)

This course is designed to assist the non-native speaker to acquire more fluent and accurate speech using the principles of articulation and phonics. Students will have the opportunity to participate in conversation exercises and oral presentations. (Prerequisite: ESL Level 5).

American Idioms (click for details)

In this course, students will learn idiomatic expressions commonly used in American English. Special emphasis will be devoted to expressions used in the world of business. During the course, students will have many opportunities to participate in conversation exercises. (Prerequisite: ESL Level 5).

English Writing – (Prerequisite: ESL Level 8)

How to Write English Essays and Compositions (40 hours)

This course is designed to help ESL students develop a model of an English essay which can be adapted to any academic or daily life writing situation. Primarily useful for managers and for college writing preparation.

HSE Math [formerly “GED Math”] (in Spanish) – (60 hrs)

This is a comprehensive math review course for persons wishing to take the Spanish-language version of the state HSE test to obtain a high school equivalency diploma. The course reviews numbers and operations, solving word problems, fractions, decimals, data analysis, geometry, and algebra.

HSE General Subjects [formerly “GED General Subjects and ESL”] (in Spanish) – (60 hrs)

This is a comprehensive review course for persons wishing to take the Spanish-language version of the state HSE test to obtain a high school equivalency diploma. The course reviews the areas of Language Arts & Writing, Social Studies, and Science.

(Prerequisite for all (6) Computer Courses: ESL Level VII and Introduction to the Personal Computer)

1. Keyboarding: (20 hrs)

This is a basic course in which the student learns basic keyboard operation. At the end of the course, students will be able to type 25 to 30 words per minute.

2. Introduction to the Personal Computer: (20 hrs)

This course is designed to provide the adult student with a basic understanding of the personal computer. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify fundamental computing concepts and terminology and prepare simple documents in Microsoft Word.

3. Microsoft Word:

In this course, the student will learn to prepare and edit documents using the various functions of Microsoft Word.

4. Microsoft Excel:

This course introduces the basic functions of this popular accounting software. The student will learn to organize financial information and perform calculations using the various types of spreadsheets. The course will also briefly cover how to create and use graphs. Basic knowledge of accounting principles is recommended.

5. Microsoft Power Point:

This course is design to teach the basics of this Microsoft Office presentation application program. The student will learn to build presentations for marketing, sales, and other business and personal reports.

6. Microsoft Access:

This course is designed to teach the basics of Microsoft Office Access database management system. The student will learn to organize, store, search, sort, query, maintain and report data.

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  1. soy de venezuela y quisiera saber los costos de los cursos de ingles, y de necesitar visa de estudiante, que requisitos debo tener? gracias…

  2. hola, buenas tardes!
    quiero que me den informacion sobre el curso de ingles
    soy de mexico y quiero viajar a tomar este curso
    y tambien si me pueden hacer un presupuesto sobre el precio del curso por 6 semanas , 20 horas a la semana, tambien si esta escuela emite el forumulario i-20 para tramitar la visa de estudiante y cuales son los requisitos para que lo envien.

  3. I need some information of English course. I’m Brazilian and Thinking to study English in other country next year but I have a lot doubts.
    I studied English in Vancouver 2 years ago for 4 weeks and now I want to study English another country for 4 weeks in my vocation (maybe in June or July of 2014). I don’t speak English very well (my level is Pre- Intermediate), so if there are some Brazilian to talk with me I prefer.
    In Brazil there are a lot of agency of travel, but it’s so expense and I thinking to resolve all documents to my trip alone, so I want to know some things of school, like price of Courses, Homestay and meals. Can you help me?

    • I read about us, because time, date, and hours for Saturday.

      I need more information for English class on Saturday. Thank.


      Felicia Torres.

  4. Hey i wanna take the ESL classes, what i need for this course, i´m from mexico, i have my J1 visa, sent to me the documents that i need for do the test for check my level in this class, thanks!!!

  5. Hello, I already complete my ESL completion program in Santa Rosa Junior College Ca. but, I move to N.J, I really need to be more fluently in order to comunicate well and have a nice job. Do you have somo programs or I can take conversation program?
    thank you

  6. Good night,

    I live in Brazil, i will to want to study English.

    I intend to live in my house’s cousin.

    How much do i study during 6 moth?


  7. Buenos Días, Mi nombre es Hilda Lizeth Gómez, soy colombiana y deseo hacer una inmersión en inglés en Estados Unidos, como dicen en mi país bueno, bonito y barato. Me gustaría que ustedes me faciliten toda la información de costos (que incluyen), horarios, duración y requisitos para el año 2015, les agradezco mucho su colaboración. Dios les bendiga y les guarde

  8. Buenas Noches:
    Quisiera por favor me envien informacion sobre el curso de ingles aproximadamente de 20 semanas y un presupuesto de los costos. Comenzaria desde lo basico y tiene que ser intensivo para poder llegar al nivel avanzado. Gracias

  9. Hi, Im an au pair here in New Jersey and I would like to know more about the english courses. I need the schedule and the cost of each course please.

    Thank you so much, I will waiting for your answer.

  10. Hola, tengo 3 semanas en verano y me gustaría hacer un curso de ingles en esas semanas en New Jersey.
    Es posible? cual es el costo y los requisitos?
    Tengo visa de turista para entrar a USA, por ser sólo 3 semanas, supongo que no ha de haber problema.

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